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Beavers accept payments by Credit Card, PayPal, Debit Card or Cash.

Payment must be paid either before the service begins or immediately on completion of delivery. We will provide you with a cost for the job based on the information you provide to us. Should your information be incorrect or lacking critical information we reserve the right to charge for the extra time required to complete the delivery and pick up.

We want to provide quick and efficient pickup and delivery to keep your cost to a minimum. To do this we need clear and correct information from you.

  • The exact pickup and delivery address
  • Site information both pickup and delivery to ensure we have SAFE and CLEAR access to undertake your crane lift.
  • We need to know if you have access issues that could be easily damaged like gardens, driveways, fences or soft ground.
  • The weight of your item for lifting must be provided accurately. The size and weight determine the type of mini crane or truck required and it operates safely in its limits.
  • How you will prepare you item for lifting, as example will it be on a pallet, will it be wrapped. Does it have lifting points. If your item is on a pallet you must ensure it is strapped and secure on the pallet before lift can occur.

Beavers shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the site pick up or delivery (including, without limitation, damage to pathways, driveways and concreted or paved or grassed areas) unless due to the negligence of the Contractor.

It is not always possible for Beavers to be aware of the total extent of any damage to the Cargo or items and that further damage may occur when attempting to either move, lift upright or prepare the items for transport. Whilst Beavers will take all due care to avoid such damage Beavers will accept no liability for damage and the Customer agrees to indemnify the Beavers against any claims howsoever arising.

Our trucks can direct lift from the side from 1T-2.5T . Lifting on and dropping off weights depends on the access to want you want moved and where you want it dropped. Talk to us to find out about your needs: 0411 705 777.

No, we charge by the hour from our base, pick up to final drop off. We will quote you on the phone so you know your costs. Remember provide full disclosure about your requirements and access to pick up and deliver.

Our rental periods are extremely flexible and you can hire from 1 hour up to a full day or even longer. For rentals longer we offer discounted pricing – contact us for a quote on 0411 705 777.

We’re open 7 days a week and only close for one day a year, on Christmas Day (we figure you’ve got better things to do on that day than move big stuff).

If you’re located outside of our standard delivery areas we can give you a quote for pick up and delivery.

We do not insure your personal items. Please ensure your goods are covered by your own moving policies.

Of course we can! Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat to you about your requirements and the best equipment for the job.

Absolutely we do! We have three mini truck options including a 2T low profile crane and tipper truck. Total Height of vehicle 2m and only 1.7m wide. We can access tight spaces and locations.

If at pick up it is raining, the mini truck is deemed hired, so if you choose to not proceed, we still must charge a minimum one hour fee. Please keep an eye on impending rain forecasts that could ruin your day. We do not pack or cover your items to be transported.

We have no issue or cost involved with a cancellation due to bad weather forecast if you cancel minimum one hour before due pick up time. This is a strict time requirement or we must charge the one hour minimum.